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How to Commission Me:)

Hey there!


Here are my commission guidelines for a digital illustration. 


They’re perfect for profile photos or gifts! Please note you will receive a high quality digital file of the illustration but no physical copy will be sent




Drop me an email! The easiest way to get in touch with me for a commission is here:

Please allow up to 5 days for a response on initial enquiries.




Let me know what size of illustration you would like and how many people are going to be in it. My images are not photo realistic but if you would like to include some signature elements that make the image you, please include photo(s) or things about you that make you, well you!How long an illustration takes me to complete is what determines how much I will charge for it, as I work by the hour. 


The more information you give me, the better I can quote you on hours and finished piece.


Bust Portrait, Basic and Simple Floaty Background Elements, One Person - €25

Bust Portrait, Background with More Complex Background Elements (i.e. up to five favourite objects/items e.g. pencils, phones, notebooks, hotdogs etc) and/or Text, One Person - €40


Add €20 to these prices for any extra people you would like to include in the illustration. 


I do not currently offer full body portraits or complex backgrounds. 


Once we agree on payment/elements; I will request 10% of the payment to cover work on initial designs.




I sketch an initial design based on what you have requested and send this through within a week. 




You can make up to three changes on any given design. Once we agree on your final illustration, I will take payment for the piece over Paypal, and I can begin illustrating, yay! 




I will slot you into my commission calendar and let you know how soon you can expect your finished piece. This varies between 2-4 weeks, depending on the amount of commissioned pieces I am working on. 




I send you the final illustration in a high-resolution file with an extension of your choice (PNG, PDF, Photoshop, all of the above, etc.). 

I do not currently offer a physical print of your illustration; I can provide a file suitable for print. Unfortunately, as I’m working in RGB, there will be a difference in colour. 


If you have any other questions about my portraits, please let me know:) Can’t wait to hear from you :)))))))

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